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Gardening Problems with Snow

Gardening Problems with Snow

Gardening Problems with Snow

Gardening Problems with Snow is expected across the country this weekend – if its not today, then its sure to be soon. So what problems can snow cause to your garden:

  • Damage to precious plants
    • Firs, Ornamental Plants
  • Damage to grass
  • Damage to trees
  • Slippery paths

So what can you do to reduce these problems?

  • Damage to precious plants
    • Firs, Ornamental Plants etc.

    Once snow has fallen, go outside with a broom or long device, to brush or knock off the snow from the plants.

  • Damage To Grass:

Keep off the grass – I know kids love to build snow men but the thawing snow will leave a lot of water on the grass, and with recent rainfalls the ground will be sodden. The damage to walking on a nice lawn, will make the end result uneven, divots and look as if a flock of sheep have walked across your lawn.

  • Damage to trees

As above, try to clear the snow from the branches before the weight damages them.

What other problems could gardening problems with snow cover?

  •  Slippery paths

Use salt to melt the snow but be careful still!! Use kitchen salt if nothing else is available or use Rock Salt – there are two types Brown and white.

The brown rock slat has impurities in, making it a brown colour. This is great as it will show where you have treated and give confidence to visitors. The problems with the brown rock salt is that when walked in the house, will leave dirt.

The white salt has no impurities in it, does an excellent job still and will not walk in dirt to the house.

So Gardening Problems with Snow is not always about the garden but paths also.

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