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Water logged Gardens – need help?

Do you have a water logged garden in need of help?

Water logged garden sussex

The whole of the UK have had more than enough water this year, and more is due, so even more gardens will be water logged!!

Water logged gardens!

Do you have a garden that has suffered from too much water, for instance a lawn with poor drainage will suffer from moss, weeds and compacted soil. So to get the lawn looking healthy again, we would advise to aerate the lawn with hollow tines and infill the holes with compost and grit with grass seed to relieve compaction and aide drainage.

We can also replace a lawn with artificial grass that will be porous, weed and moss free, no mud, no mowing either!

Borders that have been water logged may have had plants drown, so cutting them back and replacing them with new shrubs/plants is a back breaking job.

Is your patio puddling? Has the pointing been washed away? Has the patio sunk? We can fix and rebuild patios, installing a decent base so that it wont sink again. We can re-point paving too.

Has your fencing been water logged and rotted due to the posts sitting in water throughout the year? Or weakened? We can replace or repair fencing. A concrete repair spur fixed to the fence post is a cost effective method of repairing fencing.

Call TVG Landscaping for a cost effective repair or project for your garden – 01903 200853.

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Worthing Winter Gardening Services

Winter Gardening Services in Worthing

Winter Gardening Services Winter Gardening jobs?

What work needs doing?

Do you need help?





Here at TVG Landscaping, a local gardening service in Worthing and West Sussex, we still work throughout the winter, we offer winter gardening services.

Our Worthing Winter Gardening Services include:

  • Snow clearance
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Digging over borders
  • Weeding
  • Clearing and cleaning greenhouses
  • Fencing – maintenance, repairs and replacement

What work needs doing?


As long as the ground is not frozen or deep frost, we can plant new shrubs, hedging, trees and often root ball plants are much cheaper. Planting these at this time of year is a good opportunity for the plant’s root system to establish before the “green stuff” grows.

Fence Repairs, Replacement and Maintenance

We can paint fencing with preservative, often with nice colours or a clear finish. Fence repairs, if your fence has rotted and posts damaged, we can replace these cost effectively. Renewing fencing at this time of year is often nicer, as the ground will be wet and nicer to dig!


Clearing and cleaning greenhouses, get rid of the old plant material, disinfect the greenhouse, staging, glass and flooring, keeping out disease and bugs.

Snow Clearance:

If we can get our vehicles to your place, then we’ll clear your snow, add salt and make your ext/entry safe.


For all these Winter Gardening Services, and more, give Stuart a call on 07875753126 or 01903 200853 or fill out our contact page.

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