Recycled Rubber Bark Mulch

Rubber bark mulch for Landscaping, borders and pathways.

Rubber bark mulch supplied by Neolay, their rubber bark mulch is the only product that we supply, only British recycled rubber products for play areas, weed free and low maintenance borders.

The bark comes in eight different colours and unlike wood bark, will not rot or be blown around by the wind. Its an excellent mulching product, will not compost down and so will not need topping up in future, therefor saving you money!

Rubber bark is non-water absorbant, will not compact and will allow 100% of the water to pass through to the soil and plant roots below. Rubber bark will not compact or become mouldy.


Grass Reinforcing – rubber bark mulch small sized.

Rubber bark mulch crumb for grass areas – high footfall.

The product is also available in small sizes for hard wearing grass areas, allowing for heavy foot traffic by increasing the aeration of the soil around the grass roots, allowing for a healthy plant or blanket of grass. Top football clubs like Millwall and others use this on their training grounds.

Breathing life into your lawn…

Rubber bark mulch crumb is literally sprinkled into aeration holes, the addition of rubber crumb helps create a much more open soil structure allowing roots to develop, also, whenever pressure is applied to the surface, the compaction and expansion of the crumb distributes nutrients around the roots and also draws fresh air and nutrients into the soil… so your roots literally are able to breathe!


We can supply 8mm rubber chippings, 20mm rubber chippings and rubber bark.

Easy to use, just sprinkle over  a weed membrane and enjoy.

We can supply only or supply and install. TVG Landscaping operates across Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and London areas.

Contact us at our Recycled Rubber Bark Mulch contact page.

rubber bark mulchrubber bark mulch

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