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Summer Garden Maintenance

Summer garden maintenance – What to do:

Garden neglect Summer Sussex

The British summer is not always kind to the garden, and extra care needs to be taken to ensure it is kept looking good and full of interest throughout the warmer months whatever the weather.  To complete the look of your garden and enjoy the space you have toiled so hard to create you will need some garden furniture to relax in after the hard work is finished.

Which plants to use

For a late-summer flowering garden, dahlias are a great choice.  They are easy to grow and will create a wide spread of flowers when they bloom, lasting for months.  If possible, dedicate an entire area to dahlias.

If you want to add a bit of height to your beds, plant verbena bonariensis.  It grows tall and looks very elegant, especially mixed with Gaura linheimeri.  It flowers from August to October.

Hydrangeas provide a rich and full addition to the garden, with their large mop-heads of dark red, which deepen to a plum or purple colour through the season.  The leaves of hydrangeas are also tinged with red, this too deepening with the passing of the months.  These easy to grow plants are also available in other flower colours.

A good choice with additional environmental benefits is Echinacea.  They are very fashionable at the moment, and come in a lot of new and different colours.  They will flower in late summer and last through the autumn.  They are also full of nectar and pollen, thereby encouraging the poor suffering bees to visit your garden.

Feeding your garden

It is essential that once the garden has been planted it is kept watered if there is little or no rain.  Too little water and the plants will not be able to survive.  Too much water, and the plants can rot or become prone to disease.

As a rule of thumb, if the soil is dry to around half an inch down, then water is needed.  Watering once a week should be sufficient if temperatures are in the mid-20s Celsius.  For temperatures higher than this, it might be as often as every other day.  Aim a watering can or hose to the base of the plants, although if it is exceptionally hot, a light sprinkling over the leaves will do no harm.  The optimum time for watering the garden is in the morning, the worst late at night, however, it is always best to water at whatever time you can manage, rather than not at all.


Of course, pretty plants alone will not make the garden attractive.  Weeds are going to pop up between the plants and these will need to be pulled out regularly.  If left, they will use up the resources the plants need to survive.  Safe chemical weed killers are easy to apply and take the hard work out of weeding.

The lawn will probably need mowing on a weekly basis and try to keep the height of the grass to about 1 inch.  In very hot weather, it is advisable to reduce the amount of mowing and allow it to grow a little more, to avoid over-stressing the grass.  It will also need to be watered, in just the same way and just as regularly as the other plants.

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Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?


Can I Cut Grass in Winter?
Grass needs cutting?

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

Grass still grows when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, so if your average temperature is above this, grass still grows.

So, if the temperature is below this, on average, then do not cut BUT if the neighbour’s lawn looks better than yours, or you are trying to sell your property or even worse and the relatives are coming… then as long as it isn’t frosty, you can use your mower, on a HIGH setting to trim the grass.

If the temperature is above 5 degrees, then its fine to give the grass a little haircut, set the mower on a HIGH setting, and cut the lawn.

So, an answer to the question: Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

  • YES if the temperature is right
  • YES if it is not water logged

Can I Cut Grass in Winter? This is a major worry for many gardeners as they still like to keep their lawns looking good and winter can make the grass look ugly and unkempt. The weather often warm, 10 degrees is the average down South and then with so much rain, the grass like to grow. Keeping up with the neighbours is a little concern that many like to cherish! So don’t worry, Can I Cut Grass in Winter? Yes it its right and you WANT to do it, otherwise let nature take its course and cut it in the spring.

Winter Lawn Care

  • Keep off the grass if frosty
  • Do not cut short
  • Do not feed the grass
  • Repair any bald patches with seed or new turf
  • Dig out any weeds – if not water logged
  • IF water logged – Keep  off the grass –
  • Use boards if you absolutely NEED to cross the lawn
  • Can I Cut Grass in Winter? – See above!!

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Changes to your Garden?

Changes to your Garden for 2014, start planning now.

changes to your garden

2012/13 have been interesting gardening years! Another exciting, weather trodden, poor crops, great experience but also one that may help you decide to make changes to your garden for next year.

What changes would you like to make to your garden? Could this be due to the massive amount of rain we have had? Crops drowning in water?

So what could you do to make things better in your garden, to make changes to your garden?

  • Raised beds – great for the ageing gardener, less bending over, less back pain – but also less water logging, warmer soil and so earlier crops.
  • Better drainage – this could be by making drainage gulleys, filled with gravel and taking water away from a lawn or paths.
  • Bog areas – water loving plants, make your garden use its features, why change something that isnt broken? Or tame the wild.
  • Adding bark or recylced rubber tyres to a border to increase water retension in dry weather and less weeds.
  • Widen borders – enrich with compost to aide drainage, feed plants and get rid of a flooded lawn?
  • Artificial grass – get rid of that muddy, weedy lawn – we will lay a proper porous base and edging and a lawn that will never have weeds in, never have moss in and will NEVER need mowing!

What ever problems you have in the garden or plans to make changes to your garden, autumn and winter are a great time to make these changes to your garden. Whilst most plants are dormant, a great time to move them or bring in root balled shrubs – which are cheaper and times usually when landscapers are quiet, so you can drive a hard bargain for reducing costs!

If you need any help in problems, or ideas to make changes to your garden call Chris Thornton: 07795255523  or fill in our contact page form at Changes to your Garden

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  • Garden over grown?
  • An abundance of weeds?
  • Lawn suffered from all the rain?
  • Shrubs and hedges massive growth spurts?
  • Fencing rotted?
  • Pointing needs replacing in the patio?
  • Weeds in the cracks of paving slabs?

If so, TVG Landscaping and their experienced gardeners can help you get your garden back in control, so call our gardening services in Worthing.

We can provide regular or seasonal visits to get your garden looking great again. We can replace or renew damaged fencing, the high winds we have had this year will damage rotten fence posts, if not fixed with a concrete repair spur or replaced with a new post, the whole fence line will have an increased amount of stress causing further loss , especially in weaker fence posts. See our fencing page for further details.

Do you have a lot of moss and weeds in your lawn? This could be due the lawn been compacted, resulting in poor drainage, needing aeration and feeding.

We get to hear of many problems in our business, especially gardening services in Worthing. So, dont be afraid, call us to discuss FREE, no obligation, your issues and see if we can come up with some new ideas to rectify them.

Has your lawn suffered and now you want to replace it with new turf or throw away the lawn mower and get artificial grass?

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Landscaping Services In Sussex

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TVG Landscaping are landscaping contractors that offers a wide variety of design, build and general landscaping and maintenance services in Sussex.

Our Main Services:

Garden Design Sussex

We are able to offer our landscaping services on a personal scale with emphasis on Garden Design – bespoke designs for you, no matter what type of garden you want, one to relax in, low maintenance, to party, for flowers, or for the kids to kick a football around in.

Landscaping Sussex

Changing the landscape of the garden, make a sloping garden into levels, adding retainer walls to hold back levels of soil, add landscaping features – water areas (ponds/water falls). The list goes on.


We also offer paving and patio services, design, installation, re-pointing and cleaning.

Irrigation and water harvesting Sussex

If you want to save money from the rain run off from your roofs, although this is nearly always topped up by mains water, we can provide various solutions for this, for automatic watering or providing storage tanks and an extra tap to access the stored water.

Artificial Grass Worthing Sussex

No more mess, no cutting grass, no weeds, excellent green lawns all year round. Call for a free sample, you’ll be amazed.

Resin Bound Surfacing Sussex

Excellent surfacing for porous driveways, no rain run off into the streets, SUDS compliant and decorative. Amazing products, wheelchair and disabled access friendly. A wonderfully landscaped front of house area and driveway can add thousands to the value of your home.

Regular Landscaping Maintenance

From cutting grass, pruning, weeding and more. Let us get the back ache!

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