Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?


Can I Cut Grass in Winter?
Grass needs cutting?

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

Grass still grows when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, so if your average temperature is above this, grass still grows.

So, if the temperature is below this, on average, then do not cut BUT if the neighbour’s lawn looks better than yours, or you are trying to sell your property or even worse and the relatives are coming… then as long as it isn’t frosty, you can use your mower, on a HIGH setting to trim the grass.

If the temperature is above 5 degrees, then its fine to give the grass a little haircut, set the mower on a HIGH setting, and cut the lawn.

So, an answer to the question: Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

  • YES if the temperature is right
  • YES if it is not water logged

Can I Cut Grass in Winter? This is a major worry for many gardeners as they still like to keep their lawns looking good and winter can make the grass look ugly and unkempt. The weather often warm, 10 degrees is the average down South and then with so much rain, the grass like to grow. Keeping up with the neighbours is a little concern that many like to cherish! So don’t worry, Can I Cut Grass in Winter? Yes it its right and you WANT to do it, otherwise let nature take its course and cut it in the spring.

Winter Lawn Care

  • Keep off the grass if frosty
  • Do not cut short
  • Do not feed the grass
  • Repair any bald patches with seed or new turf
  • Dig out any weeds – if not water logged
  • IF water logged – Keep  off the grass –
  • Use boards if you absolutely NEED to cross the lawn
  • Can I Cut Grass in Winter? – See above!!

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