Fence and Gate Installation West Sussex

Fence Installation Services for West Sussex


TVG Landscaping are experiencing a busy period for Fence and Gate Installation West Sussex.

We have noticed that many customers are looking to replace old worn out and dangerous fencing instead of letting it deteriorate further.

We have also noticed a trend in the style of fencing customers are asking for. Customers seems to prefer closeboarded fencing, which is of longer lasting, stronger style fence compared to that of lap panels. There is a higher cost to the closeboard but does look much better and lasts longer. This is an ideal fence too for high winds.

 Fence and Gate Installation West Sussex

Closeboard fencing is made up on site, the erection of solid posts, usually 100mm x 125mm and with 2′ of the post in the ground, provides an excellent strong bespoke fence, that can easily be constructed to follow the contours of your garden.

We offer a fence installation service across West Sussex and East Hampshire borders, going further a field for that special project.

Within the fence installation service, we can remove the old fence and take to a recycling station, where they burn the wood for green energy.

Fence installation

TVG Landscaping also offer a fence repair service, alongside our fence installation service as above, so if you have a broken fence post, usually rotted at ground soil level, we can either replace this or install a concrete repair spur fixed to the post for longevity.

Call TVG Landscaping for a fence quotation, whether for a full replacement or a repair.

TVG Landscaping and their Fence Installation service use Bell Davies for their quality fence supplies.

Chris Thornton: 07795255523

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?


Can I Cut Grass in Winter?
Grass needs cutting?

Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

Grass still grows when the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, so if your average temperature is above this, grass still grows.

So, if the temperature is below this, on average, then do not cut BUT if the neighbour’s lawn looks better than yours, or you are trying to sell your property or even worse and the relatives are coming… then as long as it isn’t frosty, you can use your mower, on a HIGH setting to trim the grass.

If the temperature is above 5 degrees, then its fine to give the grass a little haircut, set the mower on a HIGH setting, and cut the lawn.

So, an answer to the question: Can I Cut Grass in Winter?

  • YES if the temperature is right
  • YES if it is not water logged

Can I Cut Grass in Winter? This is a major worry for many gardeners as they still like to keep their lawns looking good and winter can make the grass look ugly and unkempt. The weather often warm, 10 degrees is the average down South and then with so much rain, the grass like to grow. Keeping up with the neighbours is a little concern that many like to cherish! So don’t worry, Can I Cut Grass in Winter? Yes it its right and you WANT to do it, otherwise let nature take its course and cut it in the spring.

Winter Lawn Care

  • Keep off the grass if frosty
  • Do not cut short
  • Do not feed the grass
  • Repair any bald patches with seed or new turf
  • Dig out any weeds – if not water logged
  • IF water logged – Keep  off the grass –
  • Use boards if you absolutely NEED to cross the lawn
  • Can I Cut Grass in Winter? – See above!!

For any more lawn care problems or other gardening concerns, drop me an email: info@tvglandscpaing.co.uk or call me on Chris Thornton: 07795255523 Or fill in our Worthing Landscaper contact form

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We love to provide advice on gardening, so call if you want to know Can I Cut Grass in Winter? and other questions. Its not all about getting paid to do a job but to build trust and networking!

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Local Artificial Grass Supply & Install

Artificial Grass

TVG Landscaping offer quality installation and supply of fake grass (Artificial Grass) to commercial and private customers in Sussex.

Artificial Grass provided by TVG Landscaping, with our large buying capacity with a top quality European manufacturer – Namgrass UK, we are able to offer cost effective solutions to your grass areas.


Benefits of Fake Grass:-

  • NO more mowing
  • No more waste
  • No more weeds
  • No storage problems with the lawn mower – WHAT MOWER?
  • No more mud in the house?
  • SPEND MORE time relaxing, not cutting grass.
  • Dog friendly
  • Attractive all year round!


Call Chris Thornton: 077952555233 for a site visit and a no obligation fixed price quotation.

OR fill in our contact form here: Artificial and fake grass install and supply

Artificial Grass
No more muddy patches.
Artificial Grass
Low maintenance lawns, green all year round, no weeds.
Artificial lawn, no watering, no mesh
Fake grass, no watering, no cutting, no waste









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Fence repairs Worthing

Fence repairs Worthing

High winds damaged your fencing in Worthing

TVG Landscaping (Fencing) provide a 24 hour call out for fence repairs in the Sussex area.

We will make safe any fencing, so that we can return when its safe to do so, for fence repairs or install new fencing.

Fence repairs are often carried out after high winds coupled with wet weather. Whilst carrying out fence repairs we will take care of your plants and surfacing, leaving a clean and tidy area. Often whilst fence repairs are carried out, we may need to cut back some plants, but these should grow back with vigour.

All areas covered around the Worthing area. Chris Thornton: 07795255523


Website: http://www.tvglandscaping.co.uk/garden-maintenance/fencing-and-gates/


Fence Repairs

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