5 Questions You Should Ask Any Landscape Gardening Company

5 Questions You Should Ask Any Landscape Gardening Company

Many homeowners have adopted landscape gardening to beautify their lawns or backyards. This is lieu of the benefits that can accrue from such an exercise. Landscape gardening could be integral in increasing the value of the property in the future. This is because it makes the entire home look appealing to prospective buyers. Furthermore, when executed properly, landscape gardening can turn the residential property into a natural attraction. This is exhibited when wonderful creatures like birds and butterflies flock to the garden.

Homeowners can opt to conduct landscape gardening by themselves or seek the services of a landscape gardening firm. Nevertheless, the benefits of landscape gardening can only rear themselves when homeowners enlist the services of an experienced company. There are many firms that claim to be apt at landscape gardening, which makes it difficult for homeowners to find the right one. While scouring the market for the best company, there are some fundamental questions that homeowners must ask their desired companies. Some of these questions include:

1. Landscape Gardening – Samples of previous work

A company that claims to be experienced in landscape gardening must have a history of delivering good results. The only way homeowners can ascertain this is by asking for these companies’ samples of previous work. A firm worth its salt will be ready to produce portfolios detailing its previous successes in landscape gardening. Alternatively, they could refer the homeowner to their website where there is evidence of their past projects.

2. Landscape Gardening – Possession of an insurance cover

Homeowners seeking landscape gardening services must also ask the company if it has an insurance cover. The best landscape gardening firm must be in possession of an insurance cover that would cater for any mishaps that could occur. Usually, landscape gardening would involve a lot of heavy machinery and equipment. Homeowners need to have a peace of mind that they would not have to incur a lot of damages in case anything goes wrong. Hence, the issue of an insurance cover is a fundamental question that they must pose to these companies.

3. Landscape Gardening – The suppliers used by the company

Homeowners must also know about the suppliers that provide their desired company with its materials. It is inconceivable that all landscape gardening companies use the same type of supplier. The fact that each firm uses a different supplier means that there will be differences in the quality of their materials. By inquiring about the supplier, the homeowner can understand whether the quality of materials will reap the best results. This would be possible when they conduct additional research about the suppliers.

4. Landscape Gardening -Testimonials

Can I see your testimonials? This should be another fundamental question to ask the company. A reputable company should be more than willing to furnish clients with these testimonials from their past clients. The homeowner would be able to understand the quality of the company’s services judging from these testimonies.

5. Landscape Gardening – Any possibility of a guarantee

Homeowners can also question these companies on whether their work comes with a guarantee. If the company is genuine in its delivery of services, it would most certainly provide a guarantee. In this regard, homeowners must get an assurance of this guarantee by putting it in writing.

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Water logged Gardens – need help?

Do you have a water logged garden in need of help?

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The whole of the UK have had more than enough water this year, and more is due, so even more gardens will be water logged!!

Water logged gardens!

Do you have a garden that has suffered from too much water, for instance a lawn with poor drainage will suffer from moss, weeds and compacted soil. So to get the lawn looking healthy again, we would advise to aerate the lawn with hollow tines and infill the holes with compost and grit with grass seed to relieve compaction and aide drainage.

We can also replace a lawn with artificial grass that will be porous, weed and moss free, no mud, no mowing either!

Borders that have been water logged may have had plants drown, so cutting them back and replacing them with new shrubs/plants is a back breaking job.

Is your patio puddling? Has the pointing been washed away? Has the patio sunk? We can fix and rebuild patios, installing a decent base so that it wont sink again. We can re-point paving too.

Has your fencing been water logged and rotted due to the posts sitting in water throughout the year? Or weakened? We can replace or repair fencing. A concrete repair spur fixed to the fence post is a cost effective method of repairing fencing.

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